Salem Witch House

Universal Studios Singapore
Maison Deux-Six stood untouched and uninhabited since 1692,
when the townspeople of Salem unsuccessfully tried to burn it to the
ground with the Defeo Witches still inside. 

However, despite mutiple tries the mysterious house at the end of the street
would not take to flame and any attempt to knock it
down was met with failure or tragedy. 

The Defeo Witches were never seen or heard from again, although
reports of sightings, as well as strange sounds and lights emanating from
the property have occurred since that fateful night. 

Who would have thought that a group of modern day Wiccan practicing
pagan rituals within the walls of Maison Deux-Six would awaken
the Defeo Witches from their century long slumber? 

The question is, what evil Augusta Defeo and her Coven have in store for the outside world. 

Sound Design, Arrangement and Artwork by Zahin Anwari. 
Vocals by Siti Farhana, Diana Ang Bte Mohd Azhari and Miza Nur Sabrina.